Selling a Home July 17, 2021

Staged To Sell

Originally published Jul 17, 2021

Staging Tips


Is your home ready to sell? If you want to take advantage of the current Seller’s Market, now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to increase your property’s saleability. Most sellers know to get rid of clutter and fix any big or obvious problems…but what else can you do to get top dollar for your home?


The National Association of Realtors research shows that 81% of buyers believe it is easier for them to picture themselves in a home when it is staged. To appeal to those buyers, you need to take some extra steps to ensure potential buyers can envision living in your property.


On the outside, make sure you have attractive and visible house numbers. Purchase a new door mat, power wash or paint the front door and make sure the driveway, walk and porch are clean and cleared of personal items. Repair any banisters and replace the mailbox if its needed. First impressions can sell a property and your prospective buyers will be spending a few moments at the front door waiting to enter, so make that time count!



Once inside, wash windows, fix screens and make sure you have bright lighting in all the rooms. No matter how much furniture is in a room, take away a piece or two to make it more spacious. Put away valuables and personal items and make each space gender neutral. Neutralize all wall colors painting adjacent rooms the same color to make space look larger and fill in nicks and holes in the walls.




  1. Wash all windows
  2. Fix screen(s)
  3. Bright lighting is a MUST
  4. Make the room(s) more spacious
  5. Neutralize wall colors
  6. Fill in any nicks/ holes in the wall(s)


Spend time in the kitchen and baths…cleaning everything and clearing any items off countertops. Freshen up old cabinetry by putting a fresh coat of paint on them and adding new hardware. Organize your cabinets and pantry and keep trash cans empty and out of sight. Remove refrigerator magnets. Set the table!




Pack up as much as you can before you list and put boxes in a storage area out of sight. Consider your out of season clothes, seasonal decorations, extra linens and crystal and china that you rarely use.


Our experienced agents would be happy to review more tips…just call or email us!