Selling a Home December 3, 2020

Benefits of Selling Your Home During The Holidays

Originally published Dec 03, 2020

Why You Should Consider Selling Your Home During The Holidays


Putting it simply, when you sell your home during the holidays, you will face less competition, find more serious buyers, and may even be up for a quicker sales process. It also presents a unique opportunity to create a warm and cozy environment that you can’t present during the spring or summer months.

In the current pandemic, buyers are looking for inviting, cozy spaces that they can anticipate spending most of their time in.


Here are some very good reasons to rethink the old adage that this time of year is not

the best selling season:


Lack of competition

The common belief has been that listing a home in the spring and summer will ensure

exposing your property to the largest pool of buyers. However, remember that those

months also have the most homes being listed so buyers have so much more to choose

from. What the holiday season offers is the chance to stand out. When there is less to look at, you get more buyers looking at the properties that are available.


More serious buyers

We all know that the holiday season is a busy time. People house hunting now are

serious about their desire to purchase a property. You will not find casual buyers

looking at this time. Holiday buyers want to make a purchase sooner rather than later.

Holiday buyers are also going to be caught up in the season, where emotions are

running high and where they are thinking of the past, and more importantly, the future.

Buyers can often be more enthusiastic about purchasing things when they are

emotional, as the retail sales records around during the holidays demonstrate.


Flexible schedules

It is a known fact that most Americans take a majority of their vacation days between

the week before Thanksgiving and the New Year. While much of this time is taken up

with holiday planning and events, this year will be different. The pandemic will greatly

curtail many holiday festivities leaving potential homebuyers with more free time to

research the real estate market and more opportunities to select their dream home and

make an offer.


Leverage buyer emotions

Let’s face it, the holidays bring out a spirit in all of us that can’t be duplicated in other

seasons. The festive atmosphere in our neighborhoods and local towns set a tone for

buyers seeking their forever home. These emotions are a big part of a transaction.

By setting a stage in your home of festive elegance, you will remind your potential buyer

what their holiday season could be in the future.


A New Year means new jobs and people on the move

The year end is when many businesses offer positions to new employees. Most

businesses use the fourth quarter to review their business plan and make both financial

and staffing decisions for the upcoming year. The Bureau Of Labor each year

estimates this season to traditionally have the largest increase in U.S. jobs. With new

jobs comes a psychological motivator to find a new place to live.


Tax Benefits

Smart home buyers are looking for any break they can get, which can make buying at

the end of the year particularly beneficial. Buyers looking right now are probably aware

that they can write off some of the expenses of the home purchase on their taxes.

There are also tax benefits of owning a home they can take advantage of, including

deductions for mortgage interest, private mortgage insurance premiums (PMI) and tax

credits for real estate taxes, that can increase the buyer’s motivation to purchase before

year end.


There is no question selling your property during the holidays, with colder weather, shorter days and the need for private time with family, can be a challenge. However, for those who are willing to take advantage of the opportunities it opens, it can mean more money and/or better terms on the sale of your property.