New & Newsworthy May 18, 2023

Edward S. Lee Wins Light Of Literacy Award

Local Real Estate agent with ERA Martin Associates and Founder of Teach Them To Fish™, Edward S. Lee, has been honored at the Light Of Literacy Awards, winning the “Adult Award”. The 9th Light of Literacy Awards breakfast celebration, hosted by The Friends of Wicomico Public Library, was held on Thursday, May 18th, 2023 from 8-10 am at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center. The Adult Award recognizes an individual over 18 years of age whose actions demonstrate leadership and a passion for literacy in our community. Examples include instructing new readers, working with struggling students, working to provide books, computers or other education tools to disadvantaged individuals, providing free financial, computer or health literacy, writing new books or similar community-minded, literacy-based activities.

Mr. Lee humbly chose to accept the Light of Literacy award on behalf of the hard work of the Teach Them To Fish™, LLC. sponsors, instructors, volunteers, and supporters. He stated, “The success of the program is only possible because of the support of each of these important people and what they have contributed to this unique and successful financial literacy program here on the Eastern Shore.”

Edward S. Lee has held a lifelong passion for Financial Literacy. Led by his desire to empower the local community, Mr. Lee founded Teach Them To Fish™, LLC.  in 2005. Teach Them To Fish™ (TTTF) is a free financial literacy program featuring personalized instruction, classes by financial professionals, and guided literature. The overall goal of the seminars is to give the attendees the tools and knowledge to eventually become homeowners. Through the platform of TTTF, he has inspired countless mortgage lenders, realtors, and bankers to also champion the cry for Financial Literacy to be taught in schools. Edward has been a strong, outspoken advocate for improving financial literacy instruction in Wicomico County Public Schools. He has spoken at many school board meetings and even worked with Curriculum Development staff to develop a new financial literacy course, which will be implemented in the next school year. Recently, he testified in front of the Senate in support of proposed Financial Literacy Bill #316 and the cross-over bill, House Bill #99. He continuously strives to better his local community and is a firm believer that Financial Literacy is a required subject that must be taught in public schools, K-12.

The next Teach Them To Fish event will be a Financial Literacy Bootcamp specifically curated for professionals on September 16th, 2023.

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