Buying a Home November 25, 2019

Your Complete Moving Checklist

Originally published Nov 25, 2019

Moving into your new home is a big job. The further you plan in advance, the smoother it will go. This list contains most of the big tasks you’ll need to do and suggested timeframes. Depending on your situation, some items might not need your attention. Your agent, at ERA Martin Associates, will be able to help guide you through the entire process; from house hunting to moving day.


8 Weeks Before

☐ Call moving companies for estimates.

☐ Remove and dispose of unnecessary possessions.

☐ Start compiling an inventory of your possessions.

☐ Organize a garage sale or donate items to charity. 

☐ Remember to keep your receipts for tax purposes!

☐ Get a floor plan (with room dimensions) of your new home to help you decide which furnishings you want to keep and which room they will go in.

☐ Start a file of moving-related papers and receipts.

☐ Locate schools, healthcare professionals and hospitals in your new location.

☐ Arrange to transfer your children’s school records and family medical records.


6 Weeks Before

☐ Choose a mover and sign contract.

☐ Contact your homeowner’s insurance agent about coverage for moving and secure more, if necessary.

☐ Contact insurance companies (auto, homeowner’s, medical, and life) to arrange for coverage in your new home.


4 Weeks Before

☐ Create a file of important papers, such as auto license, registration documents and title; any medical, dental and school records; birth certificates; wills, deeds, stock certificates, and other financial documents.

☐ Notify the following of your change of address:

☐ Post office

☐ Banks

☐ Credit card companies

☐ Relatives and friends

☐ Insurance agent, lawyer, tax/financial advisor

☐ Magazine subscriptions

☐ Notify utility companies of date to discontinue/transfer service and/or establish service at your new home. Also arrange for final readings and bills, including refunds on prepaid services.

☐ Electric

☐ Heating oil

☐ Internet service

☐ Natural gas

☐ Telephone

☐ Television

☐ Trash collection

☐ Water

☐ Notify the motor vehicles administration of your new address.

☐ If moving from a rental home, arrange for refund of your security deposit.

☐ Discontinue additional home services (housekeeper, gardener/lawn service, snow removal, and pool cleaner), if applicable.

☐ Start using up things you can’t move, such as perishables.


3 Weeks Before

☐ Make travel plans, if necessary.

☐ Arrange to close existing bank accounts and open new accounts in new area.

☐ Arrange for child care on moving day.


2 Weeks Before

☐ Arrange special transport for your pets and plants.

☐ Contact your moving company and review arrangements for your move.


1 Week Before

☐ Pack moving-essential boxes—important documents, travel clothes, personal items and prescription medications.

☐ Be sure your homeowners insurance is in place on your new home.


2-3 Days Before

☐ Confirm all final arrangements with your mover and other service providers.

☐ Talk to the title company, your lender, and your Realtor to verify that all necessary paperwork will be ready for closing.

☐ Obtain a written copy of your closing documents from the lender or title company, and review it with your Realtor. 

☐ Check to make sure all fees, tax adjustments, and other charges are correct.

☐ Schedule a walk-through before closing to be sure your new home is ready.

☐ Gather all the documents you are expected to bring to the closing, such as:

☐ Copies of any paid invoices or receipts related to the sale

☐ Your drivers license or government-issued ID

☐ Your closing costs, in the form of certified or wired funds


Day of Closing

☐ Before you leave your old home, sweep out the house and make certain all your belongings are out.

☐ Be sure to get house keys, garage door openers, mailbox keys, etc from the seller at closing.

☐ If you have a Home Warranty in place, be sure it is registered and you have the contract information.


Congratulations! And may you enjoy many years of happiness in your new home.